When I relized, that I hade my own style,  I tried to contnue to develope the new style and found new color combinations & motives. I discovered, that I dared  to use more wild colors and crazy combinations of motivs.

In 2013 I have tried to refine the new style and design choice but also to be more careful with the colors and balance of the images. Chosen more often completely clean abstract motifs with special content There, the observer still was able to discover a real motiv. ”

When the method was to make certain concrete form recognizable in the abstact image, I call this method and painting a "semi abstract" style. However, when the painting was made entirely of non-figurative parts, I called that result an "abstract" painting. Not many, completely absrtract works, but my dream is to create many more in the future.                                                                                                                                     

The two new terms, “abstract” and “semi abstract,” may not be completely familiar to everyone who looks at my pictures. That is why I would like to explain them in detail what both styles were when they were created and who you were.                       Click on the signs here to see the explanations and the representativ paintings.       

123. Deserted House
121. Alsac, France
116. At The Candlelight
Gomb My Style
Nyil abstract
178. The Music Room
92. Tucson, Arizona
138. My Workshop
159. Burano, Colored Houses2
146. Cello, Opus 1
154. The Yellow House
194. Sunset at the River
176. Small Village in The Hill
115. Dried Tree
100. The World of Money
142. Navigare necesse est
224. Deserted House

And a few of my quit absract alster:

95. Variations 1
96. Variations 2
97. Variations 3
42. Argentin Tango
125. My Studio
143. The Secret Door
11.La Ballerina
98. In the Atelje2
99. Time & Space

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