Gomb Changing

In the spring of 2010 I realized that I started loosing my enthusiasm for painting and the reason was - what I understod, that what I have created so far were no good enough. It was nothing but a poor imitation of Nature. I asked my self: why imitate Nature? You can never do better than Nature it self. A painter, even if he is an autodiduct, he must give more if he can call the product for “art”. The point with real art is how the painter feel and experience what he see and can give a interpretation of his feelings. It was a great disappointment for mi to discover this.

Anyway, after some weeks I missed the feeling of painting and started ponder how I can get back this good feeling. So I started experimenting with other methods and technics. More towards the abstract trend. After a while I relized, that the comlete abstract is to mechanics. One would have to add more to the motive to make it more exciting and for the painter to feel that he has created something original.  In the best case, the painter can enjoi his creation.

So, I worked more and more and refined the technics and get more variations. I even could give a definition to this kind of paintings. That is: “The goal of these affords is to create a total harmony and balance between motives and colors”. The more harmony and balance you reach, the better the criation will be”. Pretty soon, I could see, that the results became better, more nice and in the best case it was just beatiful. After a while, I also thought, that man not need to follow the existing norms concerning color choises. Dare to use "wild" color combinations and see if these are good, purely original. I became mor and more satisfied with the results and I continued on my outlined way. Here below you can look at my first creations. Later on, the quality of the paintings became much better - according to my own judgment.

40. Broken Etude

Broken Etyd

43. Fruitbasket with blue Vase
44. Moby Dick, Korsika
60. Rocky beach in the Caribbean
63. Outlook in Sicily
69. Balett shoes on the Piano
72. Night lights
75. Floreros Ceramicos
80. Boats in Burano (Venice)
81. My Gitars
63. Outlook in Sicily
82. Surfing at Sunset
86. Wine Bottles &  Chalice
88. Faces
90. Stilleben with Fruits Bowl

Rocky beach,Caribbean

Moby Dick, Corsica

Floreros Ceramicos

Outlook in Sicily

Fruitbasket with blue Jar

Balett shoes on the Piano

Night lights

Boats in Burano

My gitars

 Outlook in Sicily

Surfing at Sunset

Wine Bottles &  Chalice


Fruitsi in a bowl


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