Gomb Later on2

The years of 2012-13 ware the most produvtive years in my active painting career . I worked harder than ever before because as the quality improved, so did the inspiration. I also had the most successful years in terms of quality. I worked more than ever, painted more than 40 works, and in the meantime I tried to inprove the variations of style and techniques. Eventually, with the creations of the vibrant colors and motifs, I wase able to say more and more often, that yes, they are good, this is my own style and these are original works.

Contnuing the development of the new style and found new colors and motif combinations . I can say even for the future, that as long as I live, I would dare to use colors and crazy combinations of motifs. I even continued creating totally abstract paintings. Creating lines and spots was exiting because

it was not easy to achieve right balance between the lines and spots. Anyway, nowadays I work with this type of painting. Here below, you can see the last 2-3 years production. Enjoy them.

Here below, you can see some of the "wild" colors and motifs. Enjoy them!.

94. I Vintersol
84. Main Street (Hungarian Village)
117. Sharkys, Virgin-Islands
131. Andante
152. Doors
121. Alsac, France
130. The Theatre
132. Farm House
133. Burano, Canal Grande1
98. In the Atelje1
137. Homage to Modigliani
163. Great Love
166. Schuman, Álmodozás1
159. Burano, Colored Houses1
168. Christmas Village
182. One sunny morning
180. The Cube, a Tribute to Ernö Rubik4
184. In The Park
185. Rainy Walk on The Shore
188. Spooky House
191. Upon The Hill
192. On the Riverbank
193. Main Street, Hungarian Village
200. Beautiful Greek Port
197. The Cello Player
209. Sunset
201. Sunset with Boats
220. Scandinavian Lake
211. Sunset with boats
226. Sailing at sunset
217. Tengerparti kisváros
231. Night Lights
229. Stranded Boat
243. Naplemente vihar elött
240. A szelid Krisztus
245. The Museum of Play, Rochester
247. Lady with the colored umbrella
250. Naplemente a Velencei tónál
Forrest Path
Naplemente csónakkal
Sailing Boats
Tribute to Kokas Ignac1
The Old Town
Water lilies
Sharkys, Virgin-Islands small1
Country house1
232. Bor megfényesiti az orcát

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38. Golgata1
100. The World of Money