Gomb Flowers

I walked very much in and around our housing estate, also outside at the beach. Actually everywhere int the area and always noted and even fotographed the flowers because they were the most appearance folding everywhere. In and meny time even outside, the houses were full of flowers, trees and bushes.

 When I got home, I viewed the photos of the day and copied them into my laptop. Among my pictures, there were always a lot of flowers. In addition to all these pictures, I had my own garden and I often took inspiration from there for painting. The result of these pictures, I have a lot of paintings with flower motives. Here below, you can see a few of the best ones.

26.From My Garden
27. Lily in a Blue Vas
28. Begonia in a Blue Vas
29. Orchidea in a Blue Glass Vas
30. Lily in a Small Vas
45. Gabis Lilja
54. Blombukett
53. Red Scale
122. Garden Flowers
52. Stillife
61. Stilleben, Mina Blommor i Veramar
114. The Flower Vase
56. Stillife with Lily
64. Flores en la Cerca
58. Stillife with Yellow Rose
103. Stilleben with Japnese motif
108. Vas med Solros
156. Stillife with Sunflowers
189. View from The Window
218. Christmas Flower
Water lilies
Csendelet viraggal

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From My Garden

Parrot flower

Lily in a Blue Vas

Begonia in a Vas

Orchidea in Blue Vas

Lily in a Small Vas

Gabis Lily


Red Scale

From my garden

Still Life at home

Veramar flowers

Neigbours flower

Stillife with Lily

 Flores en la cerca

Vas with yellow rose  

Japnese motif


In a modern vas

View from my window

Christmas flower

Water lilies