Gomb Old Times

In the fall of 2003, we finally moved to Spain (Andalusia) and as a new retiree, I had to find something to spend my time with. So, I started painting more and more every days because I was irresistibly attracted by all the flowers, the ever changing colors of the see, the bright lights, the sea its self and the entire surroundings.

 I am completely self-taught (autodidact)  and such a person must constantly learn, in order to develop. So I painted everything in oil. First to paper, then wood panels and sist and now ever, canves. The first motives were landscapes, houses, real objects and flowers. The painting style of my creations were mor or less quite natural.  I made drawings also and even experimented with graphical methods. Here below you can see a few of my earlier attempts. Here below you can to see them:    

Concerning my graphcal experiments, after a while, I came up with a relatively new graphical method, that was completely new and different from all the traditional technincs, but mostly it was much easier to use than the old etching, lithography or wood print. I even gave en own name to this method: I called it “plexigraph”. On the next page, I will explain how this new method works. Click here on the symbol:  Szines Nyil kicsi


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01.The black Nanny
02.The Ten Commandments
09. Stillife with Water Jug
13.Campo de Amapola4
19.Yellow Fields2
22.Main Street
25.Fuera de Villaricos